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Starset fans lined up outside 550 South High Street in Columbus on Wednesday anticipating the
mysterious revelation of what was behind the doors at "The Launch of Starset
Divisions," an invite
event announced Monday. While waiting, some discussed past live experiences of the full space-like
suited band's previous character appearances, others ventured around to catch Pokemon on their phones.

Upon entrance into the building, the 'immersive experience' began. Guests were greeted with
what appeared to be a black light iris/retina recognition scanner, later revealed as a possible BMI
(Brain Machine Interface) scanner, some visitors were marked with a circular sticker (chip) on
their temples.

The surrounding room's windows were covered with tech and political newspaper clippings along with
brown bag and cardboard coverings; ahead, dark curtains divided the room.

In character, a paranoid nomadic wanderer greeted the group of fans after leaving a small campground
tent near the room's corner. He expressed hesitation and fear of technology while being sought after,
"they tried to take my tongue." The speaker commended the arrivals, the resilient survivors,
but condemned those that were previously marked, calling them "untrusting," controlled.

A small light suddenly traveled across the room and the orator exclaimed: "Get down, Get down!,"
telling the group to sneak under the dark curtains ahead, to crawl toward safety in the next room.

Fans entered the dimly lit room with dated hanging lights, standing room tables, an open bar and a table
lined with snacks. Shortly thereafter, Starset entered and stood in front of a projection screen--all the
members dressed in tan suede-looking traveling attire with robes/cloaks, futuristic goggles/glasses
(costume resemblance of Obi-Wan or Skywalker)--as the group of fans cheered and applauded.

Lead vocalist Dustin Bates, now without his previous mad scientist bow tie sci-fi image, welcomed
and thanked everyone for coming with short notice. He mentioned the generally divided nature of things
and its scientific implications resulting from technology and its affects. Fans applauded
the band members as they exited and the revelation of the mysterious event became apparent:
An exclusive album launch listening party for Starset's
Divisions (Fearless Records).

The projector displayed emblems, logos and symbols throughout the 13-song album play as attendees
sang along to previously released tracks: "Manifest," "Where The Skies End," "Stratosphere," "Diving Bell."

Everyone grooved to the album, an industrious mix of electronic modern rock possessing both melancholy
and robust elements.
Divisions maintains the defining Starset futuristic space traveling cinematic
sound, but it also lands to explore and evolve. Throughout the 58-minute album play, the band
welcomingly greeted fans with smiles and handshakes, holding discussions while signing autographs
and taking selifes.

After the final song, Bates again took the mic to thank everyone, also thanking those behind the scenes
who made the listening party event come together.

Although Starset's works are deemed conceptual with storylines that present purposeful themes,
the interactive mysterious nature of the band, the music and lyrics (reminiscent of Bradbury and Vonnegut),
the theatrics and costume designs seem to be open for individual fan interpretation, making the collective
story a unified experience, rather than a divided one.

Starset's third full-length album
Divisions is now available and their current U.S. headlining tour concludes
Nov. 1 in Columbus at Express Live. The band tours Europe early 2020.
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By NEIL SHUMATE    |    SEPTEMBER 13, 2019
550 South High Street : Columbus, Ohio : September 11, 2019
Image Courtesy Fearless Records
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