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Red Dragon Cartel
Oddbody's : Dayton, Ohio : June 13, 2015
Photos & Review By MISSIE TONG
Out Of The Blue
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June 13 was the third time I saw Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel and despite the recent shake-ups with changes,
including the revolving door of vocalists, there has never been a disappointing show as far as I’m concerned.  

Despite the less than stellar crowd at Oddbody’s (compared to the last time Red Dragon Cartel was there) and the
curse of technical difficulties, the band put on one hell of a show. The most recent singer to step up to the plate,
Paul D’Eath, managed to hit it out of the park with Red Dragon Cartel originals and the Jake-era Ozzy, but he seemed
to struggle a bit with Badlands' songs, as would anyone; Ray just made it look too easy and lets face it, he’s a hard act
to follow. Maybe the time off until the next round of shows will give him time to polish up the Badlands.