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Two guys from Hilliard are ready to cause a stir.  The risky vulgar stunts and
comedic pranks of television’s “Jackass” trendsetting show weren’t enough.  

Twenty-one-year-olds Kris Novotney and Greg Spillane have localized such
controversial endeavors with their Attack of the Bumfucks (A.O.T.B., Inc.)
project.  AOTB will soon release its first installment on DVD, “Vol. 1: Down
For The Cause.”

Novotney and Spillane were attracted to their filming idea after becoming fans
of the “Bumfights” series. The Indecline Films’ collection features bums,
strange people, stunts, pranks and skateboarding--which inspired Novotney to
start his own film series.  

“We are not at all trying to copycat them. We were just playing around with
our ideas and trying to approach it as young filmmakers,” Novotney said.

The ambitious young duo picked up a camera and started to film random acts
around the Columbus area about two years ago.

“We have been filming in the downtown OSU campus area and also in Hilliard,
but we gotta watch for cops,” Novotney said.

The filming includes popular High Street hobos, skateboarding stunts,
dangerous firecracker antics, graffiti tagging and teens clobbering each other.

Detrimental pranks with hot sauce and golden showers are also featured.

“There will be some scenes where my dad himself will be getting pranked,”
said Novotney.  “Even getting pissed on while he’s asleep!”

Novotney said many people are involved with the project, including his mother.

“I’d love to thank her and say sorry for the times we have destroyed her house
with the stunts we pulled,” Novotney said.

Other locals involved with AOTB include: CC Manded, Jamee Novotney,
Tyler Mcqullen, Justin Mcqullen and Shay Lashley.

Being short on cash, Novotney said he uses a Sony Handycam to film and edits
with Sony Vegas 7.  

“It’s basically me doing the editing and filming, but many of my family and
friends are helping too,” said Novotney. “I want this film to be the best.  I don’t
want to feel upset that I made a mistake.”

Between more filming and editing for AOTB, Novotney has plans to film music
videos for area artists.

Novotney said he would like anyone who has a prank, fight, stunt, pyro ideas or
any humorous material to please contact him.  

AOTB’s “Vol. 1: Down For The Cause” is expected to be released on DVD
sometime next year.    
 Images courtesy Kris Novotney.
A.O.T.B., Inc. films local stunts and pranks for upcoming DVD
A.O.T.B., Inc. logo design.
A.O.T.B., Inc. creator Kris Novotney.
A.O.T.B., Inc.'s Greg Spillane.