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Published: June 15, 2010
"The hot 17" ready to be seen and read
Community involvement was a large component of the project. Each band featured has a
journalistic or narrative profile written by a different Columbus-area writer to accompany the
work of multiple local photographers.

“To be honest, I love the mix,” Ralston said. “So it’s not just my vision of what Columbus
music looks like.”  

Two bands featured in "the hot 17" include Wing and Tusk and The Receiver.

“It kinda feels like a weird school yearbook. Where all the weirdoes that I hang out with and
play music with at bars are all collected and posed and giving quotes,” said Joshua Rea,
guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist for Wing and Tusk. “I already know what I'm going to write in
the back of Jesse Cooper's [drummer, The Receiver] copy.”

The nearly 50-page book also has an index of bios and contact information to attribute
those who assisted with the project.

“I’m hoping that will make them more real, more tangible and certainly easier to contact,”
Ralston said.

Karate Coyote wore costumes during a photo shoot for the book.

“We dressed up in ninja costumes and took some pictures, it was fantastic,” said Ted
Bigham, drummer. “They were all very professional and it was a blast.”

Being owner of Photolosophys, a photography studio in Columbus, Ralston said she had a
desire to combine her photography work with the bands she knew.

“I’m down at The Treehouse in Grandview a lot and was privileged enough to be friends with
a lot of amazing musicians,” Ralston said. “But it struck me that none of them really had
high quality and up to date promo photography.”

Ralston said the bands told her that they didn't have the cash for that kind of stuff.

“After awhile it started to frustrate me, so I changed my price structure and made my work
affordable for the bands,” Ralston said.  “Then the problem became that they could get
work done every now and again, but it didn’t really help them promote themselves to the
local music scene.”

Noticing that popular bands in town were struggling to communicate with the Columbus
community, Ralston said the idea for "the hot 17" was then initiated in October 2009.

“I thought to myself that someone should make a book featuring some of these bands. They
should sell it at Comfest and then have a big party to help raise awareness for the
musicians and for the scene,” Ralston said. “Oh, and wouldn’t it be great if some of the
money went to a local charity for musicians?”

The idea became a reality as the book was put together and sent to the printer early June
and 20 percent of the proceeds will go to the Columbus Music Co-op.

Gretchen King, vocalist for Phantods said, “'The hot 17' is a really great way to showcase
the skills and talents of several local musicians, photographers and writers. I have loved
being a part of this, as it brings some awareness of what this city has to offer.”

A launch party will be held for "the hot 17" July 9 at Rumba Café with seven bands from the
book performing.

“Hopefully, the book will be released once a year,” said Ralston. “This is definitely a long-
term project each year; however, this year’s has to sell in order for that to happen. Buy the
book and come to the shows!”

"The hot 17" will fittingly cost $17 and will be available June 25 at the Comfest band
merchandise table as well as other retail outlets, including one of the book’s featured artist’s
(Colin Gawel) business, Colin’s Coffee on Riverside Drive.  

The book can also be purchased at giving access to an online code for
a downloadable compilation of tracks from the artists in the book as well as other photos
not included in the book and more.

“The whole project is about the people in this city who help make it the wonderful thing it is.
Those people need recognition. Further than that, they need to be seen as other regular
people--not just musicians, photographers, writers and club owners,” Ralston said.
The Bands
Bush League All-Stars,
Colin Gawel,
Ghost Shirt,
Karate Coyote,
Low Men,
Mors Ontoligica,
New City Gypsy,
Jason Quicksall,
The Receiver,
Six Gallery,
Super Desserts,
Two Cow Garage,
The Whiles,
Wing and Tusk

The Writers
Melissa Bontempo
(Brazen Brass),
Ben Chenoweth
Tyler Day
(ex-The Lantern),
Wes Flexner
Ryan Haye
(Ghost Shirt),
Travis Hoewischer
(614 Magazine),
Alexandra Kelley
Jackie Mantey
(Columbus Monthly),
Chip Midnight
Adriana Mundy
(donewaiting, benco),
Joel Oliphint
Andrew Patton
Joe Peppercorn
(The Whiles),
Seth Pfannenschmidt
(ex-Country Death,
Take No Damage),
Shane Sweeney
(Two Cow Garage),
Joel Treadway
Sean Woosley
(The Woosley Band, SWSX)

The Photographers
Mary Barzcak
Allan Foster,
Alysse Gafkjen
(Rolling Stone),
David Heasley,
Amber Hersch,
Jules Holliday
Adam Lowe
(Adam Lowe
Jared Williamson,
Ben Yoder

"The hot 17"
book release dates
June 25-June 27
Comfest band merch table

Fri. July 9
Rumba Cafe launch party
(Envelope, Low Men, New City
Gypsy, Ghost Shirt, Wing & Tusk,
The Receiver, Two Cow Garage)
Connect with
"the hot 17"

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Book supports and features Columbus bands, writers, photographers
One of the hottest area summer festivals
is heating up even more with the launch of
a hot new printed collectible.

Next weekend "the hot 17" will make its
debut at Comfest in Goodale Park.

The book profiles 17 Columbus bands,
each having a spread with one large
promo picture and several live shots.

“Each band’s two-page spread is kind of
its own little universe, with the design flow
and the spirit of the book carrying the
continuity throughout,” said Meghan
Ralston, creator of "the hot 17."
Cover image from "the hot 17" Facebook